Preconstruction Services for Standley Middle School Whole Site Modernization (LLB)
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Name Size 34.7 MB
Standley MS+Spreckles ES_PDF+CAD+SPECS_2004_DSA 04-105707_Modernization 139.1 MB
Standley MS+ Various Sites_PDF_1986_Science Lab 9.3 MB
Standley MS -Hoover-Serra_Wangenheim_PDF_1984_Science Rm 6.1 MB
Standley MS_PDF+CAD+SPECS+REVIT_2022 1 of 338.2 MB
Standley MS_PDF+CAD+SPECS+REVIT_2022 2 of 317.2 MB
Standley MS_PDF+CAD+SPECS+REVIT_2022 3 of 181.6 MB
Standley MS_PDF+CAD+SPECS_2015_DSA 04-113338_12KV Substation + Cable 6.7 MB
Standley 31.2 MB
Standley MS_PDF+CAD_1995_DSA 63695_Repalce Roofing and HVAC 25.5 MB
Standley MS_PDF+CAD_1996_DSA 64567_Technology and Modernization 14.1 MB
Standley MS_PDF+CAD_2003_ Grounds Renovation Pavement Restoration 19.1 MB
Standley MS_PDF_1965_Preliminary 46.5 MB
Standley MS_PDF_1971_Topo survey 15.2 MB
Standley MS_PDF_1974_Demolition 7.9 MB
Standley MS_PDF_1976_DSA 422.1 MB
Standley MS_PDF_1976_DSA 64567_Mod.Tech and 10.1 MB
Standley MS_PDF_1983_Park 16.9 MB
Standley MS_PDF_1991_Reroofing Bldgs 200-300 and 6.0 MB
Standley MS_PDF_1995_Fire Alarm Wiring for Roof and 16.2 MB
Standley MS_PDF_1997_Fire 38.5 MB
Standley MS_PDF_2001_DSA 04-102899_T. 7.2 MB
Standley MS_PDF_2006_DSA 04-108410_Fire Damage 8.1 MB
Standley MS_PDF_2015_Electronic 3.8 MB
Standley MS_PDF_General 19.6 MB
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